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July 15, 2022

Easy Tips on how to settle into student life in Australia

Why bother settling in when you’ve travelled all the way to a different country to just study? Well, there are some obvious reasons, while some not so obvious. In this blog, we’re here to take you through the reasons why you need to settle well into Australia as an international student. We’re also going to give you useful tips on how to settle into student life in Australia. If you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on any points, read all the way through.

Reasons why settling in Australia as an international student is necessary

You have career goals that are probably best fulfilled when living abroad. Your country may offer you the career options that you need, but your dreams seem to be taking you elsewhere, and out of your country of origin. Realising that the best way to meet your study ambitions is to study in Australia, you begin to visualise your life there, the accommodation, student life, socialising, and so on. You begin to understand the need to make sure that you are able to adjust in a completely new environment.

Firstly, let’s discuss the reasons why you need to try and adjust in a new land altogether.

When you migrate to another country, be it temporary or permanently, you are bound to experience a minor or massive culture shock. This cultural change and its intensity depend on where you plan to move. If the lifestyle or society can depict variations from one state to another, then country to country definitely entails a wider variation. This is why, before you step foot into another country, or let’s say, while planning the selection of the country you wish to study as an international student, it’s necessary to ask the right people some pertinent questions and also do some research on the following:

  • How are the people in the country where you plan to move?
  • How are the people in the city of that country where you plan to move?
  • What laws of that country should you be aware of, in relation to your stay, visa requirements, character, taxes, etc?
  • How is the transport system there and what will be available and suitable to you?
  • What is the cost of living among different areas and cities?
  • What is the cost of accommodation for students in Australia, including the expenses for eating, rent, and so on?
  • What is the preferred language in Australia?
  • What are the lifestyle habits that everyone in Australia follows?

There are several more questions, but you can start with the list above, which will lead you to prepare for a new life accordingly. You may have more questions after you get the answer to all of these questions. Our Australia immigration consultants in an office nearest to you can also help answer your questions and give you an overview of what to expect. We’ve assisted more than 100,000 international students in providing them services, ranging from documentation to selecting the right university.

It’s also important to know how to settle into student life in Australia. We’re going to bring you right to it.

Easy ways to adjust in Australia as an international student

There are some aspects you need to focus on in your first six months when moving to Australia and then work your way through the remaining months of the program.

  • Set your budget, open a bank account

After arriving in Australia, and settling wherever you’ve chosen, be it Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, and so on, you’ve got to plan your budget and expenses. Firstly, opening a bank account is a priority, which includes providing proof of enrolment, photo ID, proof of your accommodation address in Australia and an Australian tax file number. You will get this number from the Australian Tax Office. Also, visit your chosen bank’s website to find out if there are any more details or documentation that you need to submit.

Once you’ve set up your bank account, it’s time to plan your expenses, which is something not many students do back home. In the bargain, you learn to become self-reliant along with being responsible. Planning and setting a budget depends on the duration of your semester, study program, rent, and many other factors. 

  • Get to know your surroundings

It’s good to stay alert rather than learning everything from scratch as you go. Updating yourself with necessary knowledge about the streets, busy roads, traffic rules, etc. can give you the confidence you need while travelling. Many international students struggle with travel anxiety, from travelling by bus, from street to street and across cities. This is why, when you are aware of how it all works in the city you are placed in Australia, much of the anxiety is put to rest.

So, stay focused when using roads and footpaths. Keep emergency contacts ready with you in case of emergency situations like the police, ambulance, or fire brigade services.

  • Do some walking around, exploring your campus

One of the most memorable experiences for international students as they enrol in a university is walking around the campus. As basic as the process seems, it becomes one of the most memorable experiences because the experience stays with you like time that paused to capture every moment. Simply, walking around the campus gets you familiarised with the prime locations of the university. This includes libraries, other lecture rooms, different clubs and societies, halls, gym, and much more.

  • Explore your chances of meeting new people 

Is it easy meeting new people? Not for everyone, but at the university, and in making an attempt to get a social, you have it in your favour. All you need to do is pluck up the courage to become a conversation starter, and a positive one at that! Meeting up and mixing with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds can open up your mind and also give you an amazing group of friends. This process is so fulfilling because you, as an international student, push your boundaries that fall beyond the limitations of simply socialising with friends back home.

There are more ways than one to socialise and that includes joining clubs, talking to people in tutorials and lectures, playing sports (if you love sports), and attending free campus events. So make sure to get more involved in campus activities, which will give you a great head start to getting to know more people.

Another great way and one that’s surely going to work for you is if you are staying with international students just like you. There are several options available when it comes to accommodation for students in Australia. The first option is on-campus housing, followed by residential colleges, homestay, rentals, hostels, and more. These accommodation options offer you a great way to get to meet new people and also develop a lasting bond once university life is over. 

  • Get some industry experience

You’re studying abroad to make sure that you can land a career that’s most probably abroad. So, try enhancing your employment opportunities by arranging for an internship while you study in Australia, if permitted. Doing an internship in Australia can also increase your chances of applying for jobs in the same country, if that’s the direction you’re headed.

Getting to meet new people is easy, and there are ways to do that as mentioned above. Make sure that you follow the above tips to settle into the student life in Australia easily.