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We provide education & visa consultation services for international students looking to study abroad. Over the years, we’ve helped over 100,000 international students achieve their academic goals abroad. We partner with more than 400 education institutions in Australia, Canada, the UK and the US to help you get into the college or university you prefer.

We hope to turn into reality your dream of gaining excellence in education.

Where are you headed?

We have a range of visa overseas consultant experts who can help you find the perfect university. We’ll ensure that your journey from your native country to wherever you want to study is a smooth path to education and career fulfilment.

Australia is home to some of the finest research institutions in the world. The education provided fosters innovative, versatile, independent and critical thinking skills as you grow in the field of your choice.
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For decades, international students have moved to study abroad in Canada for higher education. The high-quality education offered here is exceptional with experiential learning.
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The top universities provide highly accredited professors, advanced technology and research facilities. International students planning to study in the US can look forward to the American campus lifestyle.
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Home to the world’s most outstanding educational facilities, the UK boasts of institutes globally ranked highest through the years. The unique teaching style also lends itself to strengthening a student’s critical thinking skills, exposing them to new and emerging technologies.
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The number of international students studying in Thailand grows each year. The country is culturally diverse, has affordable living standards, and is a very exciting place to be. It is known for high-quality education in Science and Technology.
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Get to know more about the best study programs to study in New Zealand as an international student. At Expert Education, we offer expert advice on the courses and student visas most suited to you. New Zealand offers a wide range of experiences while living and studying. Take your chance and explore more opportunities in this beautiful country.
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The main goal of studying abroad is to create new paths of career opportunities. This is why international students prefer to study at a reputed university, gain qualifications that are recognised globally, and stand a better chance of getting a higher pay package. Among the many developed countries that offer these opportunities, Germany stands out as well.
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Assisting you in your study abroad goals

Our education consultants can help you gain genuine and transparent advice. Since 2003, we have 60+ branches in 20 countries. We specialise in providing a wide range of services to students aspiring to study in Australia, the UK, Canada and the US.

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    We’ll assist you with the accommodation details for a happy stay abroad.
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