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Study Abroad Accommodation

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You’ve just received an acceptance letter at a university abroad. You’ve started your visa application process and at the same time, you’re browsing accommodations. Where’s the best place to live? Maybe you’re lucky to live with a relative in that country, but you want to experience interacting with students from across the world. Hence, you’re considering the student dorm life that may prove to be an unforgettable experience.

So, if you’re wondering about student accommodation facilities abroad, let’s show you what to expect!

University residence versus private accommodation

Finding the right place to stay overseas after you’ve enrolled at a university can entail several options, while also making it difficult to decide. In general, there are three types of study abroad accommodation choices, namely: university residence, homestay and apartment living.

If you choose to stay at the university residence, then get ready for a myriad of new experiences. You’ll meet foreign students from different parts of the world, interact with almost everyone and develop long-lasting friendships.

With student accommodation at universities, facilities like the internet, heating, or electricity will be provided for, unlike private apartments. However, managing your laundry and doing your own cooking would be a sole responsibility, depending on the university you choose. 

On the other hand, when you live in a private apartment, you’d have to manage the bill payments, such as the electricity, heating, internet, etc. However, you’d have the place all to yourself, so you can plan your day’s schedule accordingly. Furthermore, in private accommodations or apartment living, you may also choose to live with friends or peers from the same university as you. You may invite family members or guests to visit once in a while. There are not many rules or regulations to follow while in a private accommodation, except for personal responsibilities.

Regardless, student accommodation can give you these perks:

  • These dorms are rest assured developed in a safe and secure environment
  • They are closer to the campus, so you save on travel time
  • You get to socialise and make new friends
  • You get accessible support staff when in need of any kind of help

A homestay is another option that an international student can consider. A homestay is arranged for international students (usually below 18 years) to live with a local host or relative during their study period abroad. You will most probably get your own room while enjoying the family company and being a part of the daily routine and meals together.

Alternatively, a homestay could also mean living with a host family unknown or unrelated to the student. This family has children of their own but would love to meet international students and get exposed to different cultures.

If you want to know more about your study abroad accommodation options, feel free to connect with our friendly team.