June 14, 2022

How can an International student get a full scholarship to study in Australia?

Studying in a renowned university in Australia and progressing towards a fulfilling career is nothing short of a dream. Achieving this dream means that you have to ensure you get into the institute of your choice and enrol for the program or course suited for you. However, getting into a preferable institution may seem difficult, especially when the tuition fee is high and financial support is minimal. Hence, you could look at getting a scholarship as an option to study in Australia.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about the different ways to get a scholarship in Australia for international students.

Challenges faced by international students to study in Australia

If you are an international student and your goal is to study in Australia then this blog is for you. Depending on your country of origin, it is crucial to understand that you may meet some minor or major challenges, but ones that come with a solution.

Studying in Australia is a remarkable experience for international students. It’s a refreshing experience and you get to interact with a diverse set of people living in Australia and those from different countries too.

However, nothing good comes without its fair share of challenges.

  • Language barrier – Australia is considered to be the land of diversities, and English is the most common language spoken in the country. The international students from different parts of the world may experience difficulties in communication unless they are well versed in English. At the same time, Australians speak with an accent that is distinct and not easy to understand for non-native speakers.
  • Educational expectations – Australia is known for adopting an advanced education system. Here, the country’s education system is completely different as opposed to most countries. Clearing semesters depend more on practical assignments rather than mainly emphasising on passing exams. At the same time, you can get several resources and assistance through workshops and coaching. The interaction between professor and students is positively informal, so don’t hesitate to speak to your professor if you have any doubts.
  • Financial constraints – Most international students face the challenge of financial difficulty because education in Australia or anywhere else does not come cheap. Therefore, getting a higher education can mean paying for tuition fees, rent for accommodation, and living, and eating costs. While you study in Australia, you are permitted to work for a specific number of hours a week to meet your financial needs. Depending on the course program you take up, you can work in Australia for 40 hours a fortnight while studying for your course. You may also work full time during summer breaks.

However, what about the cost of the fees to enrol in an education institute?

Various scholarship opportunities are offered to international students as financial aid. That said, every scholarship to study in Australia has a set of requirements based on the institution selected to pursue your study goals. 

Gaining a scholarship includes meeting specific conditions to assist you with receiving sponsorship. Let’s get right to it to understand the chances of gaining a scholarship in Australia for international students.

How can an International student get a full scholarship to study in Australia?

Successfully gaining a scholarship takes time as every type of scholarship involves several requirements. However, some common tips can help you gain sponsorship to study in Australia.

  • Taking part in community activities (optional in some scholarships)

Scholarships are based on academic merit and lack of funds to support one’s academic goals. However, some scholarships are awarded for community participation like community groups, sporting teams and clubs.

Australian education institutes often prefer students who take active participation in their community and display leadership skills.

  • Apply for more than one scholarship

Australia offers varied scholarship opportunities. You may apply for more than one scholarship while you apply for admission at a few more education institutes.

Residential colleges, international organisations, the government departments in your home country, and the Australian government offer scholarship opportunities. You can also enquire with the specific faculty in the university where you have applied and check whether they facilitate granting scholarships for international students.

  • Seek professional help while you apply

The process of filing an application will define your chances of getting a scholarship. Your application should give information that is clear to understand and does not contain any errors. Your application may not be accepted if you don’t pay attention to simple mistakes like spelling errors, grammar issues, and poor presentation.

So, seeking professional help to guide you and review your application is necessary. You could ask a trusted friend, relative, parent or teacher who is fluent in English to help you, or you may reach out to our experts to counsel and guide you.

  • Read, check and re-check the scholarship criteria

A scholarship application is different from another in terms of its criteria. For instance, the deadline for submitting your application, the word limits, and the supporting documents required may be all from an application from another university.

You may be asked to submit supporting documents like a personal statement, a letter of offer, employment history, references or proof of English language proficiency. That said, some of the documents that you are required to submit may need to be certified or translated. And the last part is that when in doubt, reach out to the scholarship provider and clear all your queries in order to avoid application rejection. 

You may also look for full scholarships that are typically merit-based in Australia. The Australia Leadership Awards is a popular scholarship developed to promote knowledge, education links, and help international students gain extensive scholarship programs. This scholarship is funded by the Australian government.

You may utilise the above information and topics to successfully gain sponsorship for the course you select to study in Australia.