April 24, 2023

Challenges faced by international students from Nepal while studying abroad

Nepal is a beautiful country with a simple lifestyle and humble surroundings. The country has its own share of academic and career opportunities. However, many Nepalese students aspire to study abroad.

Studying in a foreign country brings a lifetime of experience and memories but it also comes with some challenges. Despite receiving the opportunity to travel and make new friends, moving to a different country away from home isn’t easy. You may aspire for quality education or wish to take up a study program not currently available in Nepal. Whatever your reasons to study abroad, the processes to undergo can get overwhelming, if you are doing this by yourself.

For studying abroad there are various formalities and requirements to fulfill. This is why hiring an expert education and immigration counselor can help make your journey easier and worthwhile. At Expert Education, we offer top education consultancy services in Nepal to help Nepalese students to make their academic careers a success. 

However, it is important to understand the challenges you might face. This is so that you can prepare for the journey ahead to lead a confident and fulfilling student life abroad.

Challenges Nepalese students might face while studying abroad

You may or may not face these gaps as an international student from Nepal. But whichever it may be, knowing about the challenges beforehand can help prepare you for what lies ahead. Let’s look at some of the common challenges faced by Nepalese students while studying abroad.

  • Language Barrier

Studying in a foreign country where people speak a different language can get overwhelming. You may find it difficult to express yourself effectively or communicate without hesitation with peers or even the locals. So, students moving to study abroad should learn how to speak the local language well. You can take language classes to get acquainted and become confident. 

  • Homesick

When leaving your home country and loved ones to study abroad, you are likely to miss them. This means you may get homesick and feel overwhelmed in the new environment. You will be interacting with new people, experiencing a cultural shift at school or college, and facing a lifestyle that is different from yours. Remember that over time, the journey gets easier while you also get accustomed to the living standards in the country you choose to study.

  • Affordability

You may find yourself short of money from time to time when you’re studying abroad. As you make new friends and get familiar with the surroundings, you’ll eventually spend more on socialising. Remember that it is necessary to monitor the money you spend and keep sufficient amounts for unexpected financial emergencies. Living and studying in a foreign country will teach you to manage your finances and set aside a certain budget for your monthly expenses, and plan accordingly.

  • Culture shock

Most students who study abroad will probably go through culture shock. Despite thinking you have a good understanding of the foreign country, actually experiencing it firsthand can reveal significant cultural differences. To overcome this, it’s important to find a balance between embracing new cultural experiences and not straying too far from your comfort zone. Take things at a steady pace and try to understand the culture. This can broaden your outlook and help you appreciate different ways of life.

Once you’ve settled into your surroundings and formed connections with others, you’ll likely find yourself traveling more often. Time will fly by, and before you know it, the day to return to your home country will be rapidly approaching. You’ll cherish the memories you’ve created and come to love the culture, way of life, people, and natural beauty of the foreign country.

Studying overseas presents challenges, but with the right support and expert assistance, they can all be overcome. At Expert Education, we offer a comprehensive service, from initial counseling to pre-departure briefings and ongoing support during your time abroad. As the leading education consultancy in Nepal, we are dedicated to helping students achieve their goal of studying overseas. Our exceptional services and expertise have earned us a reputation as one of the top consultancies in the country. 

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