Deciding to study in a country outside of your native country is a huge decision to make. It entails adopting new habits, learning about a new culture, and adjusting to a lifestyle previously unknown to you. When it comes to achieving your career goals, these aspects become all the more an adventure.

Moreover, you get to broaden your scope of academic excellence and open your mind to the amazing possibility of settling abroad. That said, those who choose to study abroad are more sought after by employers of reputed organisations. Expert Education is a study abroad consultancy in Nepal, equipped with the expertise and professional assistance to help you attain your goals to pursue a course overseas.

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The decision to study in a foreign country may seem daunting if you are unsure of the preparations you need to make.

Essentially, you need to put some effort into planning as this will take you a long way. Firstly, you may prioritise your choice of a destination by picking the university, course, and of course, at the least, the country.

If you prefer a particular education institute based on what you’ve heard, be sure to research as well. You can visit their website and check for their accreditation, the scope of the course being offered, its popularity, the tuition fee, scholarship plans offered, faculty, and accommodation.

Apart from visiting the institute’s website, you can also check out other portals that talk about the graduate employability rate of the preferred institution.

Let’s say you’ve finally selected the country to study, like Australia or the UK; check other factors as well. These can include your options to work after completing your course in that country. Additionally, you must check the visa regulations in the country for international students.

It’s good to research on your end, but we recommend that you also seek professional advice. Our study abroad consultancy in Nepal can guide and assist you in understanding your chances of travelling overseas to pursue a course. 

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General university admission requirements abroad

The admission process can be different across universities of the same country and among other countries. However, an idea of the list of requirements can help you be more prepared for what to expect.

The university application process may be a bit more complex in a foreign country. You may have to cross many stages of the admissions application process before you can actually gain admission in that university.

  • Appear for the required tests at the university selected
  • Arrange for recommendation letters for the purpose of admission
  • Draft and prepare Essays and Statement of Purpose
  • Collect all the requested transcripts for submission to the University
  • Fill out the University’s application form
  • Report necessary test scores to the universities
  • Accept the offer stated in the admission form
  • Pay the admission fee set by the University

General visa application process requirements

When applying for a student visa, the requirements and documentation required will depend on the country for which you are applying.

The general list of documents required are:

  • Application form
  • Certificates
  • Test scores or competitive exam scores
  • Statement of purpose
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Experience documents
  • Official bank letter
  • Sponsoring authority

Planning ahead of time and preparing all the documents a couple of months prior to the application process will ease an already overwhelming journey.

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