If you want to study abroad in a country that is majorly inhabited by native English speakers, you need to be competent in English. Assessing whether students from different parts of the world can understand and communicate in English will ensure they achieve their study goals effectively. The PTE test is taken to ensure that a student is well-versed in English.

PTE or Pearson Test of English is a computer-based test used for assessing the English language skills of an individual. This language test is accepted by education institutions worldwide, and is taken by students and working professionals who are planning to study or move to an English-speaking country.

At Expert Education, we offer a PTE test preparation course for students from Nepal, aiming to study abroad.

How can Expert Education help you with scoring high in the PTE Test?

Boost your preparation time for the PTE exam with unlimited practice resources, experienced tutors, interactive coaching sessions and informative videos. 

Through the PTE preparation course, you will benefit with:

  • The ability to attempt the test efficiently and gain high scores.
  • Getting your questions resolved as you interact with our friendly and expert tutors.
  • Honing your English communication skills, including speaking, reading, writing and listening.

We have created a thorough PTE preparation course for students from Nepal. So, contact us to know more about our course structure.

Experiencing the PTE Exam

To make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed by the competitiveness of this exam, it’s important that you know what to expect. This way, you can be more prepared by knowing the flow of how the exam would take place.

The PTE exam will include assessing mainly two skills simultaneously, like reading and speaking or listening and writing. You have to attempt the exam on a computer at the PTE’s designated test centre assigned to you. Every exam will include a total of 10-15 students as candidates. You must arrive 30 minutes before the test begins to make sure to check-in securely.

  • Upon arriving at the test centre, the test administrator will take you through the check-in process. They will brief you about the test rules and procedures.
  • They will verify your identity by checking your ID (passport or any other valid ID card stated on PTE’s website). A digital photograph, your digital signature, and scan of your palm will be taken.
  • You will be assigned a locker for storing your personal belongings. You must also ensure that you have all your necessary items required during the exam.
  • A seat with a computer, keyboard, and an audio headset will be allocated to you. Your training for this test will determine your speed and accuracy for each question. 

Studying for the PTE test, especially for students who are not competent in English, most definitely requires some form of methodical and structured training. At Expert Education, you can rest assured the level of efficiency we provide to make sure that you score well on the PTE exam.

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