Visitor Visa

Applicants who intend to travel to Australia can apply for the Visitor Visa Subclass 600. The visitor visa allows the foreign visitor to visit their family members or friends who are currently in Australia. They can travel as a tourist or for the purpose of business.

Tourist Stream

For travelling specifically as a tourist and exploring the amazing cities and places in Australia, the applicant can apply for a Tourist Stream visa. This visa is valid for up to 12 months, where the applicant is not allowed to work in Australia within this period. However, this visa allows a candidate to study or train for up to three months. The health and character requirements, including sufficient financial support are what entail eligibility for this visa.

Business Visitor Stream

The Business Visitor Stream visa allows an applicant to apply for it for the purpose of making a general business or employment visit. This visa also allows the applicant to make a business trip for negotiating contracts or taking part in a conference or trade fair. When applying for this visa, the applicant must be outside Australia until the application outcome is provided.

Sponsored Family Stream

This visa is specific for visitors who are sponsored by a family member in Australia or an Australian government official. The visa can be granted up to 12 months, and the sponsor may be requested to pay a security bond. During this stay, the applicant can study or train for up to three months.

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