If you are planning to study abroad, student accommodation is a necessary arrangement you should make after receiving an acceptance letter at an international university. Be it Australia, the UK, US, or Canada, ensuring that you have a safe, secure and reliable place to stay is your next priority on the list.

We’re providing a simple guide for you to get a fair overview of the types of places you can look into for student accommodation abroad.

Abroad student accommodation – sourcing options

Firstly, it can get exhausting when you’re trying to look for a student accommodation abroad. Yes, the university you’ve applied at and been accepted might have a campus room for you. However, in many cases, international students may find it hard to get a campus room due to non-availability. So, we’ve put together a few ways that you can use to ensure you find some options for staying abroad until you complete your studies.

Here’s what you can do to make sure that you have some accommodation options ready:

  • Sites online: It’s the first place anyone would go to study their options. The online market has tons of websites that give several options for accommodation for staying abroad. Make sure that the company you are accessing to help you is reputable and trustworthy. Check their reviews to understand what customers and other users are talking about them. 
  • Read international papers online: If the internet has made it easier for people to access information online, then why not make use of this benefit? Look for digital copies of newspapers from the country where you’re going to study. Go through the classified section and check out the options available for accommodation. You can then reach out to the concerned people with the contact details provided.
  • Reach out to people: You may have relatives or family friends living abroad. If they happen to be living in the place where you are headed to study, get help from them. They could help you with some options, and alternatively offer you to stay with them until you find a good place or complete your studies.
  • Your university could help you: The university where you’ve been accepted could help you. For instance, the admission committees for international students may be able to help you find and select the best place to stay. Make sure to check the website of the university to find out if they provide such a service.
  • We’re here to assist you: Visit a study abroad consultant to help you as they have the knowledge and sources required to assist you. Reach out to us at Expert Education and we can help you with understanding the accommodations options available to you.

What factors into selecting a study abroad accommodation?

While searching for a student accommodation, you can consider the following aspects.

  • Location – As much as possible, make sure to choose an accommodation that is closest to your university or college. This option helps you save on travelling costs.
  • Budget – Your finances play a significant role here because apart from the cost of rent, you have to factor in the tuition fees, travel expenses, and other living and daily expenses.
  • Type of accommodation – From on-campus to renting an apartment, there are options you can choose from based on your budget and preference.
  • Secure location – The location you choose may or may not be considered safe. This depends on the locality you select. So, make sure to find out from the people living there or online reviews of the area concerning the level of safety.

You can choose to live in a private accommodation where you would have to manage the bills, electricity, internet, heating, etc.

A university campus, on the other hand, offers facilities like the internet, electricity and heating. Here, you have to still manage your laundry and do your own cooking, which is based on the university you choose. However, there are benefits to living in a student campus such as socialising and having access to the staff.

A homestay is again another option, mostly for international students below 18. This stay includes staying with a relative or a local host.

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