April 27, 2023

Choosing Canberra as your study destination in Australia

Expert Education is renowned as the best education consultancy in Nepal and in Australia. We have experienced professionals offering customised services to Nepalese students planning to study in Australia and those already studying in Australia. We help students choose the best study abroad option and support them through counselling, visa processing, pre-departure briefings, and more.

Many students from Nepal have found Canberra an ideal study destination. We’re here to help you explore your options for studying in Canberra, Australia.

Canberra as your study destination in Australia

Canberra is Australia’s capital city, home to world-class museums, universities, and world-class research centres. Canberra offers a safe space for international students and a great quality of life. 

Students who graduate out of Canberra have better chances of landing good job opportunities:

  • They have the lowest unemployment rate
  • Their average income is consistently the highest in Australia
  • Their tertiary education and training system supports more than 20,000 jobs

International students can extend their post-study work rights as well. They can access opportunities for internships and work experience in private and public organisations. 

Knowledge: Canberra deeply values the importance of education. More than half of the city’s population holds a bachelor’s degree or higher. Students here are allowed to and can easily access decision-makers, innovative thinkers, leaders and Nobel Prize winners. They are given opportunities to learn from award-winning researchers, artists, and business entrepreneurs.

Affordable: – The city is much quieter, with excellent infrastructure that attracts students from all over the world. Even though the city offers global education standards, it has a relatively affordable fee structure for students. Transportation is also affordable with student discounts on bus and light rail networks, including more than 400 km cycle paths. Even though restricted, regular flights to and from Canberra for a visit with family and friends are available too.

Vibrant city: – Being the capital city, it is filled with people from various ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. The city is known for its lively concerts, exhibitions, festivals and sporting events. You can dine at award-winning restaurants and cafes.

Progressive: – Canberra also offers several opportunities to international students for part-time job opportunities. It is one of the best cities for Nepalese students to study abroad, evidenced by the fact that they feature consistently as one the QS Best Student Cities. This ranking is based on a range of indicators, including desirability, student mix, employer activity and affordability, and compared to the performance of our universities.

As one of the most sought cities for international students, Canberra is known as a progressive city. Living in Canberra is comfortable with great natural surroundings and snowy mountains. It is quieter compared to other cities, known for its safe environment and is preferred by many students. The city is home to 35,000 students, with more than 9,000 international students.

Free and Diverse: – Australia promotes individual freedom and diversity which has encouraged students to practise their religion and culture without the feeling of being judged. Most Australian cities are known for the quality of education and world-class universities, and Canberra is on top with the highest level of income and the highest level of education. If you aspire to study in the capital city of Australia, Canberra is a great place to start your academic journey. Our team of experts will assist you with the process required to study abroad in Australia.

Student accommodation: – The city’s major universities offer foreign undergraduates guaranteed accommodation on campus. You will find them in the best living conditions, including being clean, safe and close to everything you need.

Are you looking for the best education consultancy in Kathmandu that will provide you with proper guidance and expert advice? At Expert Education, we believe in providing a quality service to our students and helping them build promising career options in Australia. Connect with us if you wish to understand your options for studying in Canberra.