Message from Director

Expert Education has established itself as a leading institution that provides honest, credible, and authentic education and migration counselling advice for studying abroad.

We offer end-to-end counselling services to international students from India, whether they are seeking to come or are already in Australia. Be it initial counselling on the prospects of higher studies abroad, choosing the right education institution, submitting a visa application or travelling abroad or be it providing advice for career, migration or taxation – we provide all of these services under one roof.

With 60+ offices in 20 countries, we offer quality services to genuine students not only from India but from various countries including Nepal, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Vietnam, Nigeria, Brazil and Taiwan, among others. 

With such a global presence, the chances are that we have an office in or near your home city and speak the language, and you feel the most comfortable communicating.

Badri Aryal