Now that you have secured admission, looking at the other aspects of the process is important. Visa application, health insurance, and accommodation arrangements are all as vital as university admission for you to study well and thrive there. Expert Education is the best education consultant in India, handling all these services with great efficiency for years.

Why is health insurance important for students studying abroad?

Healthcare is a very expensive affair abroad. Managing these expensive hospital bills without insurance coverage can be a huge burden. To secure the right treatment option without any compromise, students must get health insurance for the country they are applying to. The sudden climate change and food habits might not be an easy transition for all. Especially for Indian students starting to study in cold climate countries, the temperature switch can easily make them ill. Hence having health insurance is important.

University requirements for students’ health insurance

Health insurance is one of the many documents that are mandatory in most universities for admission. Many countries require valid health insurance during the visa application process. The criteria for different universities and countries are different, and these basic requirements should be fulfilled if you need your visa approval and admission into the university applied. 

The insurance cover plans range from $300 to $1000 a year. Finding the right insurance plan that is not very expensive but at the same time covers the basic requirements and meets the criteria of the country and university you are applying to can be tedious. Several insurance policies are available in the market for students planning abroad studies. Study the offer and the services covered and compare them with the other plans to find the right one. 

Many universities also provide health coverage for students in their scholarship scheme. Check with the university and enquire whether health insurance is provided along. Many consultants also provide study-abroad health insurance from a company they have a tie-up with. But this is not always a good option to choose, considering the additional monetary expense in most cases. Making a planned comparison and arriving at a conclusion can help you be on the winning side. 

Some important aspects your student health insurance should cover

As mentioned earlier, different universities and countries demand different covers in health insurance. But here are a few must-haves that need to be included respectively.

  • Doctors’ appointment 
  • Scans and Xrays 
  • Emergency hospitalisation 
  • Ambulance service 
  • Emergency dental treatment 
  • Other emergency services 

Pre-existing diseases like diabetes, genetic disorders, high blood pressure, and a history of any surgeries performed should be revealed while applying for health insurance. In case of failure of disclosure, the insurers will not pay for the claims of those related treatments. 

Expert Education has been guiding students with the admission process, their stay and insurance requirements for many years. Contact us to get a clear idea of the insurance and other processes.