Courses to study in the USA

The United States has consistently ranked as the top destination for international students seeking to study in the USA, owing to a versatile education system, research proficiency, globally recognised academic institutions and excellent career opportunities, among other factors. Additionally, the country offers a plethora of top-tier public and private institutions to choose from, providing international students with a wide array of courses and programs to select from.

However, before selecting a course of study, it is crucial to assess its potential in relation to your goals, interests, and abilities. To aid in making an informed decision, below is a list of courses that are highly sought-after among international students:


American universities offer a wide range of engineering and computer science courses, allowing students to specialise in areas such as Petroleum Engineering, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Health Informatics Technology, Data Science, Computer Engineering, Robotics, Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Material Engineering.

Partnering with local tech companies, American universities ensure students receive the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the industry. According to the United States Department of Labour’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 140,000 new engineering jobs are expected to be created between 2016 and 2026. Undoubtedly, Indian students have been considering engineering courses in the USA to upskill themselves for better job opportunities. 

Here is a list of commonly opted courses.

  1. BS Computer Engineering 
  2. Master of Science Electrical Engineering
  3. BS & MS Electrical Engineering
  4. PhD Electrical Engineering 
  5. Master of Engineering

Top Universities of Engineering study programs in the US

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Stanford University
  • University of California, Berkeley

Life science

The field of molecular biology and biotechnology has experienced significant advancements, leading to the emergence of new specialisations and interdisciplinary fields in life sciences. American universities, being at the forefront of technological advancement, focus on introducing revolutionary developments in medicine, agriculture, the food industry, and waste management through extensive study and application of biotechnological processes. 

A degree in life sciences can be applied practically in various fields, including research, government, private, and education sectors, providing numerous opportunities. Many US institutions offer specialised programs in biology and healthcare, allowing you to choose a program that suits your needs, lifestyle, and budget. 

Completing a degree in life sciences opens up numerous employment opportunities, including for biochemists, biomedical scientists, clinical research associates, and industrial pharmacists, among others. Additionally, you can work as an educational resource policy expert or non-profit administrator, advocate for environmental change, or act as a consultant for government corporations seeking better opportunities. 

The popular life science courses in the USA are:

  1. MS Health Sciences
  2. Bachelor of Biotechnology study
  3. MS in Environmental Sciences
  4. MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Top Universities of Life Sciences study programs in the US

  • Harvard University
  • Stanford University
  • California Institute of Technology


American universities collaborate with firms to provide students with management techniques that extend beyond the textbook. Management programs in the US cover essential subjects such as Accounting, Computing, Organisational Theory and Behaviour, Law, Marketing, and Psychology, as well as general education subjects that contribute to a student’s overall development. Management students can choose from a variety of electives according to their interests, including niche areas such as sports management, international management, and foreign exchange management.

Before summer classes start, pre-MBA recruitment events are organised on campus by banks and consulting firms to familiarise students with the workings of an organisation and offer pre-placement opportunities. According to the annual survey by US News, which reported 129 ranked full-time MBA programs, graduates’ overall average salary and bonus in 2019 were $106,757, highlighting the broad scope of job opportunities available in the field. 

So if you are someone wishing to make a career in the management sector, the USA provides the perfect opportunities in all terms and is the best choice for you. 

Here is a list of popular management courses pursued by international students in the US.

  1. Masters of Science Business
  2. BA International Studies and Business
  3. MBA Marketing Management
  4. BA Leadership and Organisational Behaviour
  5. PhD Business Administration

Top Universities of Management study programs in the US

  • Stanford University
  • University of Chicago
  • Harvard University

Data Analytics

Lately, there has been a sudden surge in demand for professionals in the fields of Data Science and Business Analytics. Companies are now placing greater emphasis on hiring experts in these areas. These courses aim to uncover valuable data insights and identify where a company is generating profits.

In addition to being highly sought-after, Data Scientists and Business Analysts are also among the top earners in the job market, commanding some of the highest salary packages available. 

The following courses can train you to be an expert in the field:

  1. MS in Data Analytics 
  2. Professional Program in Data Analysis
  3. Supply Chain Analytics

Top Universities of Data Analytics study programs in the US

  • Stanford University
  • Columbia
  • University of California


If you’re searching for the top postgraduate programs in the USA, pursuing an MS in Finance is an excellent option. Numerous universities across the US provide students with an MS in Finance program that holds a STEM designation. Typically, this course equips graduates with the skills necessary for a career in areas such as corporate finance, investment banking, and investment management.

International students often view this program as the best choice in the USA due to its distinctive STEM designation and the opportunity to gain exposure to cities like New York, which houses the world’s two leading stock exchange markets – New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. What better way to start a finance career than from the land itself? 

Postgraduate and Doctoral programs in finance are a common choice of Indian students wanting to pursue finance courses in the US. 

Some of the best courses include:

  1. Master of Science in Financial Economics
  2. Bachelor of Science Operations Research – Financial Engineering
  3. Master of Finance
  4. PhD Finance

Top Universities of Finance study programs in the US

  • MIT Sloan University
  • UCLA Anderson School of Management
  • Haas School of Business Berkeley

Cloud computing

Individuals who pursue cloud computing training gain the expertise to create and deploy enterprise software systems that utilise distributed computing and service-oriented architecture. This includes designing databases, web services, and mobile applications. This also comprises managing data, ensuring enterprise and cloud security, administering servers, and developing web applications. 

Cloud computing is one of the trending specialisations in computer science, alongside human-centred design. 

You can be an expert in the field by learning courses like

  1. Master (MS) in Cloud Computing
  2. Diploma in Cloud Computing

Top Universities of Cloud Computing study programs in the US

  • George Washington University
  • Capella University
  • Stevens Institute of Technology

Public health

Public health is a field that focuses on improving the health of communities and populations through the prevention and treatment of diseases, injuries, and other health issues. Public health courses cover a broad range of topics, including epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, health policy and management, and social and behavioural sciences.

In the United States, there is a growing demand for professionals trained in public health due to the increasing awareness of the importance of public health, the ageing population, and the conditions caused during the COVID-19 pandemic. Graduates of public health can pursue careers in government agencies, non-profit organisations, healthcare systems, and private industries.

Some of the most popular career paths in public health include epidemiologist, public health analyst, healthcare administrator, health educator, environmental health specialist, and biostatistician. 

Additionally, public health courses offer students the opportunity to work in a field that can positively impact society and contribute to communities’ overall health and well-being. Public health professionals play a critical role in preventing and responding to health crises, such as disease outbreaks, natural disasters, and environmental hazards. Indian students with a graduate degree in life sciences, nursing or physiotherapy and dentists or medicine graduates planning to steer their career in a better direction are choosing public health as their career. 

Some of the best courses in the field are

  1. Bachelor of Science in Publich Health
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration
  3. Bachelor of Public Administration
  4. Master of Science Health Science-General Epidemiology and Methodology
  5. Master of Public Health Environmental Health
  6. Master in Public Health

Top Universities of Public Health study programs in the US

  • Harvard University
  • University of Chicago 
  • University of Pennsylvania 


Biotechnology is a rapidly growing field that combines biology and technology to develop new products, processes, and technologies for a range of applications in medicine, agriculture, environmental science, and industry. Biotechnology courses cover a broad range of topics, including molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, bioprocessing, genomics, and drug discovery.

The biotechnology industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the United States, with a strong demand for professionals trained in biotechnology. Biotechnology course graduates can pursue various careers in academia, government agencies, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and research institutions.

Some of the most popular career paths in biotechnology include biotech research scientist, clinical research associate, biotech engineer, biotech sales representative, and biotech business development manager. The job market for biotechnology graduates is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a 7% increase in jobs for medical and clinical laboratory technologists and a 6% increase in jobs for biochemists and biophysicists between 2019 and 2029. 

The best courses in the field include:

  1. Master of Biotechnology
  2. Associate in Science in Biotechnology
  3. MS in Biotechnology

Top Universities of Biotechnology study programs in the US

  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Michigan

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