Studying abroad preparation does not just include application to the college and clearing entrance tests.  A lengthy process is involved that needs planning and proper execution to avoid hindrance. Visa application for Indian students is one such process that you do not want pushed to the last moment. 

The date of application acceptance from the college and the course beginning date might be far apart, but it is not advisable to wait till the corner of your course beginning date. The visa process takes a lot of time, and the requirements are quite specific based on different criteria. So plan and start with the visa application as soon as you receive the NOD from the university or college that you have applied for.

Different countries demand different combinations of documents for the visa application process, which is mentioned on their immigration website respectively. Here is a summary of the common documents required for the visa application process.

List of documents for student visa application for Indian students

  • Passport – The passport requirements slightly differ in every country. Some countries accept the passport with validity just til the course expiration date, while others demand an additional cushion period in the validity. A few countries also demand submitting expired passports, whether used or unused.
  • Proof of funds – Studying abroad has its perks but can be expensive. So it is safe to preplan, calculate expenses and arrange for the funds required beforehand. This will avoid any stress of insufficient funds after reaching there. Apart from the safety, many countries you apply to also demand financial stability proof to support your tuition fees, stay, and other cumulative expenses.
  • Application acceptance from a recognised instituteAfter all the expenses and hard work, the last thing you want is to be your institute not recognised. The visa application process involves producing an acceptance letter from the recognised institute in the country you are applying for to ensure that you do not fall victim to such fraud. You might also be required to produce a fee receipt or photo proof associated with the college you enrolled for.
  • Photographs – The visa application process requires you to submit a standard passport-size photograph for identification. The photograph should be clear with a plain background, as mentioned in the visa application requirements.
  • Loan approval, if applied – Since the expense of study is more, it is common for students to apply for loans for financial aid. This loan should be preapproved at the time of visa application, and the approved papers should be produced along with fund proof during the visa application.
  • Health cover – Many countries have mandated that applicants have valid health insurance coverage during their visa application. Some countries have specific student-friendly health covers that are not too expensive for international students.
  • English language proficiency results  – For a non-native English speaker, the countries with their primary language, English, demand proof of your ability to comprehend and communicate the language well. This is done by clearing English language exams like PTE, IELTS, TOEFL, or GRE. A certain percentage is required to clear these exams; these scores have different validities based on the exam type. This language proof should be produced with other documents during visa application.
  • Latest academic qualification record  – This includes your highest qualification certificate. If you are applying for a postgraduate course, your bachelor’s degree is your highest qualification. This proof is a record of your eligibility to apply for the course abroad.

Process of applying for a visa

The visa application process can be started as soon as your admission application is approved. The visa can be applied either online or offline.

An online application can be made by visiting the respective website, uploading the relevant documents, and paying the fees. An offline application can be made by downloading the form from the website, filling it up and attaching the required documents, and submitting it. 

The visa application is time-consuming, and the time required varies depending on your financial aid, college, and the country you are applying to. Keeping a cushion period of 3 months before the course begins is ideal. 

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