Scholarship in Canada for students from India

Most Indian students have their close friends and relatives studying in Canada. This is because pursuing higher studies in Canada proves economical compared to other developed nations

That said, the students still require financial aid for tuition fees and other expenses to sustain their entire stay duration in Canada. The Canadian Government and some private organizations have put together some support programs to help you study in the country. At Expert Education, we will help you figure out the scholarships to study in Canada that are best suited to you as an Indian student.

Scholarship programs Indian students can apply to for studying in Canada

Canada is an attractive study destination for Indian students as it entails lower tuition fees as opposed to the US or the UK. There are several Scholarships in Canada for Indian students that are available at the federal and provincial levels, and at individual universities as well.

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program Academically exceptional students with leadership skills A variable cost that may cover airfare, tuition fees, and living expenses
Education Future International Scholarship Open to all Indian students with an excellent academic record $ 3299 – $ 16,517
Ambedkar Overseas Vidyanidhi Scholarship Social Welfare students $ 16,517
Undergraduate In-Course Bursary Program All Canadian universities Variable cost
Global Citizen Scholarship Students of any Bachelor’s discipline $ 12,797
Ontario Graduate Scholarship Excellent academic record of students pursuing Master’s in Ontario $ 19,181
Richard A. Freund International Scholarship Students pursuing specific courses in Canadian Universities $ 6393
University of Buckingham Ondatje Postgraduate Scholarship Master’s students pursuing studies at the University of Buckingham $ 6396
International Peace Scholarship for Women Female students in all Canadian Universities offered by the P.E.O Sisterhood $ 15,985
Conestoga College International Degree Entrance Scholarship All Master’s students pursuing studies at the Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning $ 1918
Michael Lang MBA Award Full-time students $ 12,813
Claude Winspear MBA Award Open to students from the Alberta School of Business with a good GMAT score & academic excellence $ 12,813
Accelerated Career Scholarship Students with good scores on GMAT, GPA scores, interview performance, & essays $ 12,813
Forté Foundation Scholarship For students in the Rotman School of Management with good leadership ability & commitment to women & girls through personal mentorship $ 51,262
Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program Students from specific universities that participate in funding this scholarship program $ 19,225
Google PhD Fellowship Program Students from specific countries pursuing PhD in Computer Science 100% off on tuition fees
Dalhousie University – OZ Optics Limited Graduate Scholarships Students pursuing Physics, Computer Science, & Electrical Engineering $ 10,000
Ontario Trillium Scholarships Merit-based $ 51,301
University of Alberta Scholarships Students studying PhD at the University of Alberta $ 21,815
The University of Ottawa PhD Studentship in Gut Microbiology Open to all students pursuing studies in Gut Microbiology $ 32,081

Some government-funded scholarships you should know about:-

  • Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Vanier Graduate Scholarships
  • IDRC Research Awards
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarships
  • Ontario Trillium Scholarship
  • Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship
  • Canada – ASEAN SEED

Feel free to connect with Expert Education India to know more about applying for a scholarship to study in Canada.

How can Indian students apply for a Scholarship in Canada?

At Expert Education, our team can help you select from a wide range of Scholarships to study in Canada. You will be guided on how to choose based on the courses, universities,  your financial status, etc. To apply for a scholarship in Canada, you will have to produce the following documents:

  • The university’s admission application form you are applying to
  • A Letter of Acceptance from the university you are applying to
  • Proof of Income to show for an income-based scholarship.
  • Essays or other writings requested by the university
  • Proof of any leadership positions that you held, participation in extracurricular activities, academic achievements, etc.

Your scholarship application process begins only after you’ve applied at and have been accepted at a University. We can provide you with all the information you’ll need, from the basic requirements to the eligibility criteria.


This depends on the study program or institution that you’ve applied to study in Canada. Some universities and colleges have application processes that automatically offer scholarships. Other educational institutions in Canada may entail applying for a scholarship separately.

Firstly, your application for the admission process to a particular Canadian university or college should have been accepted. Then you must apply for a suitable scholarship program. You must provide necessary documents like all academic transcripts, an online application form of the university in Canada, a Letter of Acceptance, and more. The basis of your scholarship also matters, like cultural talents, academics, athletic talents, family status and background, social work, and so on. Feel free to connect with us at Expert Education India for more information.

Of course, it may be possible to acquire a full scholarship to study in Canada but there are factors that depend on whether or not this is possible for every Indian student. This is a highly competitive and rare opportunity as it depends on the academic excellence, leadership potential, and community involvement. Indian students can apply for scholarships offered by Canadian universities, government agencies, private organizations, and foundations.