PTE Academic is an English language test, the scores of which can be used as English proficiency proof for international studies. The test is online computer-based and is conducted throughout the year.

Preparation of the PTE exam

The PTE exam preparation involves understanding the question types and training each section individually. Practising more questions and honing time management can help you score the perfect score.

PTE Academic and PTE academic

PTE entails two types of tests, including PTE General Training and PTE Academic Training. These courses have four components which are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. These four components are used to identify a student’s English language skills.

Both these types of tests have varying differences. The PTE General general test does not expire after the result is obtained. On the other hand, the PTE Academic test expires two years from the date of issue. 

Also, the PTE Academic test is for students interested to study in international universities/ colleges. This test can be taken throughout the year based on the exam slots available.

The PTE General test is for those planning on working abroad. It can only be taken only thrice a year.

Exam fees, cancellation, and rescheduling fees

The exam fee for PTE in India is $ 170, and an additional 15% tax is coupled with bank charges. In case of cancellation of the application before 14 days of the exam, the candidate will be refunded the entire sum. The cancellation seven days before the exam can cost you 50% of the sum. Similarly, rescheduling charges are nil if done 14 days before the exam date and 50% of the sum if done between 14-7 days before the exam.

Registration process

Registration for PTE is done online through the official website – PTE academic. Create an account on the website and include the details, test centre, and date of choice. Once this is done, you can proceed with payment and conclude the registration process.

Time required for preparation

The time required for preparation depends on your current English language fluency. An applicant with average fluency requires about 5-6 weeks of preparation to score fairly on the PTE test.

Study material and course books

The PTE test preparation in India can be done with the help of an institute or by self-preparation. The study material available for the preparation is The official guide for PTE Academic, Practice Test Plus of Pearson Test of English Academic, PTE academic 79 plus I, two full-length practice tests with keys. You can also log in to to get access to practice tests.

How to prepare for the Reading section

The reading section has the following parts:

  • Multiple-choice questions with single and multiple right answers 

The multiple-choice questions with single answers have no negative markings, while the ones with multiple right answers have negative markings, so it is important to answer accordingly. Your PTE preparation course should involve a mixture of both types for better practice. For both types, make sure to read the comprehension carefully, and the answer is mostly hidden in the first two lines of it. 

  • Filling blanks 

There is no negative marking in this section which gives you the liberty to make the most probable answer. Look for synonyms in the passage to find a close clue.

  • Reordering paragraphs 

Read carefully to get a general idea of the paragraph. A few things to remember are that sentences with pronouns do not come first, and contradictory sentences beginning with words like ‘but’ follow a positive sentence.

How to prepare for the Listening section

The listening section is further divided into:

  • Summary 

The summary should not cross over 70 words for the algorithm to interpret well. Listen carefully to find the gist of the audio and summarise it with appropriate grammar. Comprehension comes with practice, and good PTE training can help you with that. 

  • MCQs 

Marking answers to all the questions in this section can be tempting but make sure to only answer the ones you are completely sure of. This section has negative markings and can cost you additional mark loss in case of wrong answers. 

  • Filling the blanks 

For this section, make sure to note down the relevant words while listening to the audio to avoid wasting time. 

  • Highlighting the correct summary 

The best way to tackle this section is by elimination method. Comprehend the audio carefully and eliminate the incorrect options to find the right one.

  • Highlighting the incorrect words

This section seems comparatively easy but can be a bit tricky due to the negative marking feature. Make sure to double-check before selecting the option. 

  • Noting down from dictation 

The dictation section requires taking notes appropriately. Practice by listening to podcasts and audio from YouTube and taking notes.

  • Choosing the missing word

Listen to the audio carefully first and try to interpret the general idea. Then it would be easy to identify and fill in the missing word.

Tips to prepare for the PTE exam

Preparing for the PTE exam is necessary for both, those who are not so fluent versus those who are fluent in English. This is because the exam has a certain format of attending to it as explained above. So, if you are not prepared, you might not get the ideal score that you deserve.

Here are a few tips you can use to prepare for the PTE exam:

  1. Plan and categorise how much you will learn at a time
  2. Keep attempting practice papers to understand the format and boost your confidence
  3. Study vocabulary thoroughly and focus on the subjects
  4. Make sure not to ignore the other subject
  5. Use good materials for studying
  6. Understand the types of questions that will be asked

How to prepare for the Writing section?

The writing section of the PTE is divided into two main components – summarising section and the essay.

In summary, you need to read the text carefully and provide a short 40-45 words summary with perfect grammar and spelling. The summary should be kept short for the algorithm to read and score better. Practice reading more for this section and work on your grammar nuances to ace this section.

For someone proficient in grammar, scoring a perfect 90 in this section is easy. If you are worried about your grammar part, just ensure that you do not make simple mistakes like not capitalising proper nouns or not using appropriate punctuation. With eventual practice, it is very much possible for anybody to score at least 70 in this section.

The essay section requires crisp writing with perfect grammar and punctuation. Practise all three categories, pros-cons, opinion essay, and problem essay, well to be able to easily appear in this section. Identify the type of essay, build a framework, and start writing; this is the best strategy for the essay section. The framework should include an introduction, body, and conclusion section with examples or statistics in the body section. The total word count should not exceed 300 words.

The whole details of the test can be a bit overwhelming for a new applicant. But with practice and guidance, you can score well in the exam. Expert Education can help you with exam preparation by guiding you all through.