IELTS, or International English Language Testing System in India, is a commonly applied examination by students applying for international universities. The exam scores are accepted in most English-speaking countries like the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK.

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IELTS Exam- types

The two types of IELTS exams include IELTS academic and IELTS general. The first type is for anyone wishing to study in English-speaking countries, while IELTS general is for candidates wishing to relocate to English-speaking countries.

IELTS – Eligibility

Any candidate over the age of 16 can apply for IELTS. There is no prerequisite for any educational qualifications as such to be eligible for the exam.

Exam fees, cancellation, and rescheduling fees

The exam fee is approx 15,500 rupees. The cancellation fees with a partial deduction are only applicable if the applicant cancels five weeks prior to the exam date. An amount equivalent to 25% of the total paid amount will be deducted as cancellation fees if cancelled five weeks prior to the exam date. 

Rescheduling the exam is possible if done five weeks prior to the applied exam date. The candidate can reschedule within three months of the current applied date by paying 3000 rupees.

Syllabus and paper pattern

The exam is particularly divided into reading, writing, listening and speaking sections. The syllabus for these sections is mostly based on current happenings and general texts. The exam focuses on judging the understanding and usage capability of the English language of the applicant to be able to thrive well in the English native countries.

Registration process

Registration for (IELTS) the international English language testing system in India, can be done online and offline. 

The online registration process is easy and involves only three steps. Create an account on the official IELTS website, select the date and slot of choice for your examination and make the payment to complete the registration.

Download the form from the website for offline registration and fill in the details, including the exam centre and slot choice. There are over 80 centres spread across India, so select the nearest one from your location. Then submit the form along with the fees in the form of a demand draft in favour of the official IDP office or make the payment in cash in any ICICI branch.

Preparation tips for the IELTS exam

IELTS preparation is more of a habitual one than a one-time preparation. The major chunk of the exam is based on our day-to-day life. Reading newspapers and articles and listening to podcasts is a great way to start preparing for the exam regularly. 

The best way to gain a good score is to work on weaknesses. And practice is the only way by which you can find your weaknesses. 

  • Speaking section 

This section assesses your English language speaking skills, mainly concentrating on the fluency and expressibility factors. Since English isn’t the first language of most residing Indians, a little practice with consistency is required to ace this section. The students are assessed for about 11- 14 minutes on their conversation skills across the themes decided by the examiner. 

It is ideal for warming up at least 15-20 minutes before the assessment by talking about some relevant topics in the English language and consciously noting the grammar and pronunciation. Try listening to podcasts in English and talking only in English for at least a day before the exam to be in the same zone. 

Focus on making no mistakes rather than trying to show off your vocabulary with exemplary words and making silly mistakes. This conscious speaking is critical and must be included in your IELTS preparation course

  • Reading section 

The reading section of the exam judges how well you can comprehend the given text. Make a habit of reading different tests every day, whether blogs, newspaper articles, books, or blog posts, for at least half an hour. While you read, try summarising the text, quick reading, and finishing important points. To cultivate your interest in the beginning, stick to the topics you are fond of and then diversify eventually. Also, do not leave out practising the exam format; this will save a lot of time on exam day.

  • Listening section 

The listening section assesses your comprehension skills. Listen to the audio carefully and try to understand the gist. Toggle between the audio and the questions to find the appropriate answer quickly. Practice listening to different audio types every day to gain quality marks in this section. Since most of our first language is not English, the IELTS preparation class you choose should acquaint you with different accents and dialects to avoid confusion. 

  • Writing section 

The IELTS preparation course in India generally includes providing different topics to write and practise on. The quality of the written material is assessed, and suggestions are made for improvement. Practising regularly to write on different genre topics and reading more to be able to write better is the best way to train for the exam.

How to prepare for the exam- online and at home?

The IELTS exam can be prepared at the convenience of the home by accessing thorough right materials or joining a good course. Online IELTS preparation in India is the most opted kind due to its flexibility in class, test timing, and good quality. This allows the applicant to work and simultaneously prepare for the examination. By focusing on the right direction and practising, you can surely get the perfect score on the exam. 

  • Books available for preparation 

There is nothing better than a good book to supplement the course or self-preparatory aids. Some books that you can count on for IELTS preparation are English Vocabulary In Use, Road to IELTS, The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS, and Barron’s IELTS super pack. 

  • Score and validity 

The score for the exam applied is generally available within 14 days after the exam day. The candidates are scored based on their performance in each section, with each having a weightage of 25%. All the scores are culminated and drawn to a single-digit band score of range 0-9. The score is valid for two years after the result. 

  • Band score 

The band score is obtained by considering the marks of each section. For example, if the total market of all sections combined is 39-40, your band score is given 9. The entire scoring system is mentioned on the official website.

The band score describes your skill in the language. For example, if you scored a perfect 9, you are deemed to have mastery of the language, while a score of 6 indicates you have good command over the language but have yet to master it. 

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