April 18, 2023

Established in 2003, Expert Education has been providing services to more than 100,000 international students. Being one of the leading student consultancies in Nepal, we assist Nepalese students regarding the student visa application process for studying in Australia. We also provide the best education services such as IELTS and PTE classes.

Having more than 55 branches in 20 countries, we provide end-to-end services to students wanting to pursue their higher education in Australia. We assist Nepalese students to search for accommodation, health insurance, scholarship application, and more. We provide student counseling and guidance with better study options for students aspiring to study abroad. Read More

April 17, 2023

If you are looking to study in the UK, your options are limitless. Be it for enhancing your work experience or improving the quality of education you wish to receive. 

Among various countries for international students, the UK has consistently provided great opportunities to pursue quality education. The country has several educational institutions that rank among the top universities. The UK attracts more than 600,000 international students each year. Read More

April 14, 2023

With students searching for countries to pursue their future education, the UK has become a top destination. The UK welcomes thousands of students each year and is home to more than 4,85,000 international students. As a student looking to study abroad in the UK, you might need professional help from a top consultancy in Nepal. Expert Education has remained one of the most sought and best consultancies in Nepal for the UK. Read More

April 13, 2023
April 13, 2023

​​Are you planning to apply for an Australian student visa from Nepal? It’s important to know the process and understand the significance of the documents you will prepare to submit. This post helps you comprehend the various requirements, making it simple for you to keep ready all the information to submit and the criteria to fulfil.

Applying for an Australian student visa

We’ll give you a list of requirements, so get your pen and paper. Even better, print this list to keep it handy as you gather all necessary documents and information. Read More

April 12, 2023

Writing your Statement of Purpose is the stage you reach once you’re done deciding where you want to study abroad. After choosing the university and country for your study program, your next step is to provide a strong reason for the admission committee to choose you. This is the process that an SoP entails, and that’s what we’re here to help you understand.

The SoP involves using a straightforward yet unique way to present your intentions and passion for studying at a particular university. How intelligently you do it will depend on your method of presentation.
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April 3, 2023

Home to the world’s top universities, Australia has welcomed more than 720,150 students in 2019. Post Covid, the number of international students in Australia has risen to more than 120,000 since the reopening of international borders. The number of overseas students moving to Australia has ever since been steadily rising. 

With so many international students studying and living in Australia, the country offers an excellent quality of education, a high standard of life, and a safe environment. Being a multicultural country, it offers diversity and celebrates individual freedom, and has been a great destination for international students. Read More

June 21, 2021

Skills training Australia (STA) is a registered training organization providing dedicated diploma courses in nursing, health services and ageing support since 1999. These diploma courses are designed to equip the students with the knowledge, skills and industry experience required to get rewarding employment within the industry.

May 13, 2021

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg delivered his second pandemic budget and declared that the migration planning level for 2021-22 will remain unchanged and the focus will remain intact on onshore visa applicants. Let’s dive into the details of the impacts international students outside and inside Australia will face as a result of the Budget 2021-22 plans.

May 11, 2021
May 11, 2021

We are excited to share the new look of our refreshed logo with you.

Why are we changing our logo?

Since its inception, Expert Education & Visa Services has been using its existing logo. Over the past 18 years, our business has evolved globally, expanding our services to provide high-end education and migration consultation services to our clients worldwide. Our service portfolio now includes study abroad options to Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Singapore, with further plans to expand to other countries. Our global presence has reached 20 countries, including South Asian, East Asian, South-East Asian and African countries. With the expansion into new territories, we have identified a need to update our logo, giving it a modern and fresh look that reflects our mission, values and excellence in the services we offer. The new logo seeks to convey this evolution.