April 9, 2024

These Countries Offer Reasonable Education Fees for Indian Students

It may be surprising to hear but several countries offer reasonably low-cost education for students compared to other European countries. The best part is students get access to high-quality education at a minimal tuition fee, thus easing the financial burden. This is a great option for Indian students who would like to pursue their higher education outside  India.

What does free education truly mean?

The tuition fee in Australia may start from AUD 20,000 per year depending on the university you apply to, the level of study and the course you wish to pursue. Similarly, the tuition fee in the USA can start from $25,000 per year, in the UK from £10,000 onwards per year, and in Canada from CAD 21,000 per year. 

On average, if you look at these amounts in Indian Rupees, and also considering their difference in currencies, you would have to pay INR 10 to 20 lakhs or more per year. The figures here are approximate fees and should not be taken as exact amounts. However, with this approximation, you can identify the budget needed for studying at a university in one of these countries.    

Top Countries that offer education at reasonable costs or for free 

➭ Greece

Greece offers affordable or low-cost education fees for international students compared to other European countries. It is also a popular choice because of the lower cost of living. Students studying in Greece and holding an Academic ID also receive various offers and discounts from phone companies, movie tickets, downtown clubs, gym membership, etc. 

Also, most universities in Greece have restaurants and dining rooms where students can dine. While food is offered at an affordable price, international students with scholarships or students originating from a low-income background may get food for free.

Furthermore, students can enjoy the quality of life along with the vast multitude of historical attractions available in the country. Thus, Greece is a very excellent proposition for Indian students who are looking for educational options abroad.

➭ Belgium

Belgium is a great option for students who would like to pursue their education at a nominal cost. The main languages spoken here are Dutch, French, and German. Moreover, students can enjoy high-quality education along with a stunning multicultural environment, prospective career options and growth opportunities. Some of the student-friendly cities present good quality of living, safety, access to social services and education. These include Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Liege, and Leuven.

➭ Finland

Programs and courses taught in Finnish and Swedish do not have any charges. International students who are proficient in the Finnish language can take up a course in Finnish or Swedish and may not have to pay any tuition fee. However, students who are only proficient in English will have to pay the tuition fees at a Finnish university. Finland is one of the best countries with free education. It is one of the most preferred choices for international students. Indeed while tuition fees have to be paid for undergraduate and master’s degrees, the tuition fees are waived for doctoral studies.   

➭ Spain

Spain has a very high cost of living but higher education is free of cost for students belonging to the European Union region. The country offers access to English-taught programs as well. Moreover, international students have to pay a nominal charge to pursue their higher education thus making Spain an optimum choice for international students. The average tuition fee per year at a public university is around INR 86,000. International students can look forward to studying in cities like Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Pamplona, and Valencia. They offer programs in law, STEM degrees, Spanish language courses for international students, marketing and finance, and arts and humanities. 

➭ Denmark

Denmark is one of the top considerations for students who are looking for quality education. It is second to Finland as one of the happiest countries in the world ranked by the 2023 World Happiness Report. Universities of Denmark offer free higher education to students belonging to the European Union, Denmark as well as Switzerland. Moreover, students who are part of student exchange programs are not obligated to pay tuition fees. Any student who doesn’t belong to any of these categories would have to pay tuition fees in the country. Also, in Denmark, international students can obtain the Schengen Visa which permits them to travel to 26 countries across the globe. This may not be possible for Indian students planning to study in countries like Canada, the US, or the UK where a travel visa is required to travel to other countries. Apart from this, as an international student, you may also be assigned a senior to help you with your course and learn effectively throughout the year. The Buddy Program (for instance, Aalborg University’s Buddy Program) is a benefit you get by enrolling in a Danish University.

➭ France

Most French institutes offer free education. However, there are a few public universities that charge a nominal tuition fee. Internationally recognised degrees are offered in this country. This includes MBA, Data Analytics, Dessert-Making, Hospitality, Marketing, Arts, Fashion, and Engineering. It is considered one of the most affordable countries to study in Europe with bachelor’s courses starting from INR 2,38,000 per annum.

➭ Germany

Germany is considered the ultimate study destination for Indian students. How so? The country offers zero tuition fees at most public universities across the country and offers world-class education, prospective post-study work opportunities, and unique courses. Also, the language requirements depend on the study program pursued by the student. Furthermore, the cost of living is also affordable and available with furnished accommodation for private or sharing rooms. Domestic students as well as international students can pursue their education for free in Germany. Some of the top universities offer courses like Business Administration, Computer Science, and Engineering.

How can students reduce the cost of living while studying abroad?

  • Choosing a country that offers free education can help you mitigate the major chunk of your study expenses. Thus, you should choose your study destination very carefully.
  • Personal apartments, hotels and homestays can be very expensive. opt for shared apartments or university-arranged houses.
  • Investing in second-hand furniture and equipment can save a lot of money.
  • You should thoroughly analyze the course you are applying for to be aware of any hidden costs associated with the course such as costs incurred for course materials, administration fees, stationery, etc.
  • Studying virtually can help you save costs and receive a world-class education. This way you can get the best of education and save up on your expenses.

We hope with the list of countries above, you can explore your options to study abroad. If you wish to seek an immigration consultant, reach out to us to assist you with the right options to build your career path internationally.

  • How can I study abroad for free?

You can study in public universities in Germany, Norway, Sweden or Denmark. Every university has different conditions that apply to students from different countries. Hence, a particular university from among the countries listed in this blog may only partially waive its tuition fee. This may be based on your country of origin. In this case, you can apply for scholarships or grants to minimise costs.

  • Which country has free education?

Public universities in Germany charge zero tuition fees or nominal charges. Moreover, if you are willing to learn Norwegian you can pursue your higher education whether it’s graduation, post-graduation or PhD free of cost irrespective of the nationality you belong to.

  • What are some universities in Finland that offer free education to Indian students?
  • University of Helsinki
  • Tampere University
  • University of Vaasa
  • University of Jyväskylä
  • LUT University