November 8, 2022

Top 10 Degrees that Guarantee high-paying Jobs in the UK

Are you interested to study in the UK? Looking for the best Bachelor’s degree to pursue in the UK? Then you will also be wondering about the various job prospects that are available for you after you graduate. It is no longer the case when you can get any degree to get a high-paying job. These days, if you wish to secure a high-paying job after your graduation, you need to be mindful while applying for a degree course that has a high employment prospect. But forget a job you have to obtain a professional degree from any recognised university or educational institution in the UK. Above all, you would need to get a UK student Visa to build a career in the UK.

By the end of this article, you will have a reliable list of the ten highest-paying jobs in the UK and research better about the courses available in UK. 

Let’s get started!

Reliable list of degrees to get you a job in the UK

     1. Medicine and Dentistry degree

The UK is popular for owning one of the best medical systems in the world. Also, the UK has some of the top-notch medical schools in the world. A notable feature of these universities is that they offer innovative courses where theory and practice are combined in a perfect educational system.

You surely have a good job to bag in upon finishing your graduation in Medicine in the UK. You will be spending most of your time in a teaching hospital environment while pursuing medical studies in the UK. Besides professional mentorship from professors, young doctors get a full set of skills that make them relevant in their world.

With such a rigorous process in training medical doctors and a strong partnership with the National Health Service, medicine and dentistry graduates in the UK get high employment opportunities.

Dentistry is the most in-demand and most rewarding degree of all the options available in the medical stream. The average earning of medical doctors is about £50,000 years after graduation.

     2. Accounting and Finance Degrees

Accounting and finance graduates in the UK get the most lucrative job prospects with high salaries ranging from 19 000 to 28 000 GBP. 

A majority of them work in the same job sectors as those in their studies. The acquired skills during the period of their undergraduation, place them to be in a good profile in any organisation. Every company has an accounting department that is crucial for the seamless functioning of the firm. This drives the demand for accountants in the UK and it’s fairly easy to find a suitable job in the UK.

Following are some of the best jobs available for Finance and accounting graduates in the UK:

  • Retail, catering, waiting, and bar staff
  • Clerical, secretarial and numerical clerks
  • Business, HR and finance professionals

If you wish to study in the UK to build a career in finance, the following are some of the best universities to pursue an accounting degree in the UK

  • The University of Law Business School
  • Faculty of Business and Law, at the University of Portsmouth.

     3. Computer Science and IT degrees

As we are living in the tech era hence the demand for people in tech service is also increasing. Information Technology and Computer Science graduates in the UK are highly employable in the UK’s market as there’s a high demand for IT experts, web developers and programmers. 

The average salary of IT employees and Tech personnel generally ranges from 20,000 to 30,000 GBP.

But to give a kick-start to your IT career you must get a Master’s degree in technology. You can study in the UK by availing a UK Student Visa .

Many IT graduates work as:

  • Business, HR and finance professionals
  • Retail, catering, waiting, and bar staff
  • Information technology professionals

     4. Civil Engineering Degree

One of the best degrees that guarantee you a handsomely paying job in the UK is an Engineering degree. To be specific, a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering will open you to the numerous opportunities available in the construction, landscaping, and architecture sectors. 

Civil engineering is a reliable and clear career path, so you should pursue a civil engineering degree. Grab your UK Student Visa and be ready to study in the UK to get highly paid as a civil engineer.

     5. Engineering degree

Engineering graduates in the UK are some of the most employable and highly-paid employees. As an engineer, you will enjoy various benefits upon completing your graduation in the UK.

Following are some of the key areas that are in demand in the field of engineering:

  • Software Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering

Among the above-mentioned list of professional Aerospace engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental engineering, and software engineering are the most employable engineering degrees in the UK. 

So prepare yourself to get a UK Student Visa  and find your path to study in the UK.

On average the engineer in the UK earns an annual salary of over £33,000. 

NOTE– The mentioned amount varies depending on the area of specialisation.

Read more about working while studying in the UK.

     6. Architecture Degree

Architects make up the highly demanding professionals in the UK. This is because these days, everyone needs the service of a professional architect to design their building projects. 

The industry is changing with time, and professionals with high academic backgrounds in architecture are in high demand in the job market, hence are paid highly.

A graduate in architecture earns an average salary of £30,000 per year.

     7. Education Degree

Education is one of the most prioritised sectors in the UK. The Government of Britain is very keenly committed to improving the quality of education in the country and the infrastructure of the universities for ensuring quality education for the students so that they can excel in their academic pursuits.

Upon finishing the Bachelor’s degree in education, the students have ample knowledge and practical skills to teach youngsters in schools. 

You must get a UK Student Visa  to study in the UK and hence share your knowledge while teaching the younger generation.

An average individual with an education degree earns no less than £27,000 per year.

     8. Law Degree

The UK’s law degrees hold global recognition surpassing the national borders, hence, wherever you end up after your university studies, your chances of finding a high-paying job turn out to be very high. 

Law graduates in the UK have various opportunities such as barrister to advocate, solicitor, Legislative analyst, and patent attorney.

Moreover, law graduates are highly capable of other job openings too that are not directly related to law. The estimated salary of a law graduate earns an average salary of £35,000 per year.

Here are some noteworthy tips for international students pursuing any study program in the UK.

     9. Physics & Astronomy

Your role upon finishing these studies will be to gain insight into how the universe works, it is a challenging profession but rewarding too of study with some of the highest-paying jobs in the UK. 

In the first ten years on the job, physicists’ and astrophysicists’ salaries are expected to increase to £35,000 and £45,000. With time and expense, you will take another hike after 20 years in the job, by which you’ll likely be earning over £50,000.

If you study further, get a PhD degree, and continue post-doctoral research, your starting salary can range between £28,000 and £39,000. 

In fact, senior researchers and university lecturers can earn up to £60,000 per year.

     10 .Economic Degree

Earning an Economic degree can get you a high-paying job to work with renowned enterprises and corporate organisations. Most professionals and firms require economists to predict the financial projection of the company, and thus help maintain financial stability. The average salary can start from £29,700 per year.

It is time to pave your way to get your UK Student Visa and study in the UK for a promising career.