June 24, 2022

Why choose Expert Education as your study abroad education consultant

The surge in the interest to pursue higher education abroad is primarily due to global exposure, quality education, and infrastructure that the international universities offer. There are numerous opportunities abroad, while students want to also explore their talents in a larger setting away from home. However, the journey to getting admissions into top universities abroad is hard and confusing amid a range of eligibility demands, funding support, selection of the right university, and so on.

Therefore, to help international students pursue their study goals, it is essential to do so under the proper guidance of study abroad education consultants to help with the eligibility processes. For this, one needs to find the right visa consultancy services where these experts are found to be of further assistance. They can offer a helping hand with professional and trained expertise.

An overseas education consultant can assist you in pursuing your education goals

Firstly, many students try to pursue their admissions and visa processes by themselves. However, the journey alone brings about many obstacles, while understanding the various requirements. A student and their parents can be properly guided with the steps of the admissions and visa obtaining processes without worrying or suspecting that they may have left out a step or two.

That is why students who avail the assistance of study abroad education consultants can confidently pursue their career dreams. Also, choosing the right consultant makes a difference to be able to provide end-to-end support and consulting. 

The consultant you choose should be a domain expert, well aware of the latest developments and updates of the field. The consultants usually conduct an in-depth analysis of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses to guide them accordingly. These expert consultants can also help you get the necessary financial support needed, including assistance with scholarships. They normally handhold you throughout the admissions process, including test preparations like GMAT, IELTS, SAT, GRE, etc.

How to choose the right overseas education consultant

Your overseas education consultant should be able to help you pursue your study abroad goals successfully, and be completely honest and transparent about the requirements. Here’s what you need to check when hiring Visa consultancy services.

  • Their milestones and success rate:

    The best way to know whether a study abroad education consultant makes the right fit is by browsing through their websites. You can do a Google search and check their social media pages to learn more about them and how actively they continue to provide services. In the process, you will learn more about their journey, qualification, and experience as consultants, including success rate. For instance, here at Expert Education, we’ve helped more than 100,000 international students pursue their goals to study abroad. We’ve assisted with more than 10,000 scholarship approvals, and enrolled in over 25,000 IELTS/PTE preparation classes.

  • Check their qualification and experience:

    The consultant you choose to hire should essentially be well experienced and aware of the latest developments. They should assist with the complete admissions process and requirements laid out by the university of choice. 

  • Preferable test preparation modes:

    Most of the competitive study programs selected may have some form of entrance test preparations. And most eligibility requirements for countries where English is the native language demand an English language eligibility test. You may find several visa consultancy services providing classroom coaching or online coaching to prepare for these tests. You can make a decision accordingly as to whether you prefer to take a class online or offline to prepare yourself. Classroom coaching should provide well-built infrastructure and networking options, while online coaching classes should offer the flexibility, convenience and 24×7 availability of study material and recorded lectures. You can choose to make a decision based on what suits your needs.

At Expert Education, we offer assistance with IELTS training classes and PTE test preparation. We also offer guidance on what to expect during the examination and what would be included in the courses.

  • Transparency:

    As mentioned earlier, your overseas education consultant should present genuine facts and address all your concerns sincerely. Your consultant should be able to properly guide you through the process. Therefore, carefully consider the ones who are transparent towards their communication and approach to help you in pursuing your study abroad dreams.

  • Leverage technology:

    Hiring visa consultancy services from top firms will ensure that they use technology to faster leverage your opportunity to study abroad. The best study abroad education consultants would ideally offer AI-enabled and technology-based services to make your admissions consulting process smooth and convenient. As we have more than 45 branches in 20 countries, we use technology to ensure that all our clients are served seamlessly without having to invest more time in consultancy.

  • Additional study abroad services:

    If you are planning to study abroad, it usually isn’t as financially friendly. So, if you are struggling with a financial crunch, your consultant should assist in suggesting ways to obtain financial support such as scholarships application processes, and with accommodation in proximity to a selected university. Based on their expertise, they should also be able to guide you with the course selection, admissions process, fee structure, health insurance and the government rules for applying for a student visa. 

Therefore, while you seek to hire the best visa consultancy services, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Gaining clarity on the processes involved can help you a great deal in understanding whether or not you’ve selected the right study abroad education consultant. Choosing Expert Education can give you all of the above and more benefits so you don’t feel like you’re in this alone. We understand the support and confidence every international student requires while pursuing their dream goals. Make sure you pursue yours with the right visa consultancy services.