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October 7, 2022

Appoint these expert Australian Education Agents to simplify your education process

Are you unsure of your future career path? Is deciding the next study program becoming a challenge? Often many international students studying in Australia may find it difficult to choose between one or more specialties or fields as they progress academically. This is because Australia offers amazing career opportunities in varied fields, which makes it tricky to choose the better one. However, selecting the right course then depends on weighing the pros against the cons of each field.

Therefore, seeking professional advice is the next step in order to make a more informed and confident decision. An Education Consultant can help you figure out the way ahead. 

Expert Education, a top consultancy in Australia provides international students with the best Australian Education and education consultants. When you have an expert panel on your side, you can put more than half your worries away as we offer professional advice to all students seeking to study in Australia.

In this blog, we’ll take you through the benefits of what we can offer to you as an international student. No matter what part of the world you come from, we’re here to guide and assist you in your journey to study in Australia.

Benefits of appointing Australian Education Agents

Oftentimes, students are not sure whether appointing an education agent is the right thing to do. It could be the challenge of appointing an education agent and paying for their services. However, with proper research on the consultants out there, you should be able to find the right one and invest in their services. In doing so, you can get the help you require and save much time researching your study options in Australia. Here is a collective set of benefits our Australian education and education consultants offer to ensure that you get your money’s worth of services.

Meeting your career aspirations

As the top consultancy in Australia, we ensure that all our clients meet their career aspirations. If you are one of them, we’ll provide you with a diverse set of options depending on your career goals, ambitions and interests. 

Addressing the gaps and limitations 

While updating you with the information you need for your stay in Australia, accommodation, cost of living etc., we are aware of the fact that you may have some challenges that are causing you to hesitate to apply for an Australia student visa.

Therefore, we will also address your limitations in terms of financial support, language barriers, and other challenges that you may be facing.

Counselling options beyond studies

As a top consultancy firm, we believe in giving our clients maximum benefit through our services. We don’t just limit our expertise and advice on your study options in Australia, but also consult on career and job search strategies.

Counselling on scholarship plans

Our Australian education and education consultants can offer you advice on the scholarship options best suited to you. This is based on your current financial status, academic performance, nationality, and chosen course, among other factors.

Assisting in PTE preparations

To study in Australia, you may need to take an English language test as it is the main spoken language down under like Pearson Test of English Academic. The PTE (A) English Language Test or Pearson Language Test is a computer-based assessment that assesses your ability to listen, speak, read and write in English. We can assist with selecting and enrolling in PTE preparation classes for students planning to study abroad. You can know more about your chance to enrol for the PTE preparation course.

Covering your health insurance

Your health is as much a priority as your academic goals, which is what the Australian government takes very seriously. A special health policy called OSHC or Overseas Student Health Cover has been set up for international students in Australia.

OSHC is an international student health cover policy that supports you for the medical and hospital costs incurred. As part of your student visa application you may have to purchase this health policy to be deemed eligible for having medical expenses covered while in Australia.

Our education consultants may help you with this cover or other suitable health covers more advisable for you.

Offering help with professional skills development 

Moving to Australia to work requires that you adjust and settle to a lifestyle that is most likely different from your country of origin. It is imperative to understand the work culture, your interaction with colleagues, clients, and so on. This is where the Professional Year Course can help you if you are a graduate in Accounting, IT, or Engineering. Our team can help you enrol in this course, which is designed to improve your chances of employability and transition smoothly into the workplace. The Professional Year Course will train you to develop your business communication skills and teach you to adapt to the  business culture and environment.   

How to choose the right Education Consultant?

You need to make sure that you select the right education agent. Here are a few pertinent tips on choosing the right consultant.

  • Depth of ExpertiseYour education consultant should have considerable years of experience within which they’ve developed in-depth expertise. This helps establish their work, leading to student satisfaction. Their expertise should cover extensive knowledge about the courses, college universities in Australia, among other parameters.
  • Licensed education consultant – Your education agent should be accredited, which means that they should have a licence to prove authorised consultancy with legal affiliations to refer to colleges or universities.
  • Delivers extensive services – Your consultant should be able to cover the entirety of the services that will help you navigate through many decisions and legalities. For example, you should get complete guidance on selecting the right courses, college or university suited to your preference. You should get expert guidance on what you need to prepare for in terms of education loans, scholarship application, and so on.  

Lastly, your education consultant should understand your needs to assist you in picking a course in a college or university that fits with your budget.   

If you’re interested in seeking our services at Expert Education, reach out to our Consultants today.