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October 21, 2022

Australian Professional Year Program – The Benefits of Enrolling

Australia requires an increasing number of skilled working professionals from the IT, Engineering and Accounting backgrounds to help bring economic development to the country. Considering this ongoing requirement of proficient individuals from their respective domains, it’s imperative to ensure they get the right talent on-board. Australia has always welcomed talent from across the globe to come and work in the land down under. They also offer benefits to those who choose to deploy their skills for the betterment of the Australian economy.

However, while skilled professionals are given a warm welcome to work in Australia, there seems to be a difference in the working culture. Several international students who have studied in Australia are still not accustomed with the actual working environment in Australia. After completing their studies in the relevant fields of IT, Engineering, and Accounting, these students might want to pursue a career in Australia. However, the need to adapt, adjust and settle in an Australian company is a crucial part of sustaining one’s job long-term.

Therefore, in an effort to grow the number of skilled professionals in Australia, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has initiated PYP. PYP or Professional Year Program is a 44-week program developed for international students who have graduated, of not more than two years, from an Australian University. This program is divided into 32 weeks of coursework and 12 weeks of internship. The program offers valuable knowledge, skills, and real time exposure of the working environment in an Australian organisation.

There are many benefits associated with enrolling in a Professional Year Program, which we will take you through in this blog.

The benefits associated with enrolling in a Professional Year Program

If you’ve graduated from an Australian University as an Engineer, Accountant, or an IT professional, you can enjoy the following benefits of joining a PY course. Furthermore, if you need assistance, reach out to us to choose the right provider based on your career aspirations. We’ve established a successful long-term relationship with our PY course partners. In the process, we’ve built a higher value than our competitors and are passing on these additional benefits to our clients.

  • You get familiarised with the Australian work environment

Working in an Australian company can get overwhelming if you’re from another country. In an Australian company, expect employers to focus more on punctuality with an open-door policy to express your ideas and opinions, including any grievances. The communication is usually direct and straightforward with a tinge of informality. They prefer communicating with brevity, and more importantly would want you to challenge the process, make suggestions, and become vocal about your perspective. This type of work culture may or may not be part of a foreign professional work environment. If it’s not, adapting to the new work environment may take time. Therefore, PYP gives you the opportunity to understand the work culture, demands, and life balance when working in an Australian organisation.

  • Opportunity to intern at an Australian company

After graduation, many international students find it difficult to land a job in an Australian company. A PYP, on the other hand, offers several ways for international students to get a job suited to their career path. Furthermore, there are many Australian Institutes that offer international students the opportunity of an internship under the PYP program. Most candidates who apply and get accepted may eventually also become permanent employees at the company. The internship gained also enhances the professional credibility as well as on their resume.

  • Increases and widens the professional network

While gaining an appropriate internship at an Australian firm, the international student also achieves a wider network. They get to work with like-minded individuals of the same interest and goals, as well as with people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Over time, this opportunity provides the candidate with a global working standard. This is not entirely what a professional limited to their own country of origin can enjoy.

  • The candidate gets 5 extra points in their PR application

Enrolling in and completing the Professional Year Program gives you an additional five points for your permanent residency application. The five extra points you get after completing the PY course will get added to your application when applying for your PR, increasing your chances of acquiring a PR.

Understanding the eligibility criteria to join a PY course

To qualify for the Professional Year Program, it’s important to understand the eligibility criteria:

The PY course requirements differ based on your field pursued.


  • Complete a recognised IT degree in Australia (Bachelors or Masters).
  • Hold or applied for a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) with a minimum validity period of 12 months.
  • Obtain a valid minimum PTE-A score of 50 and no less than 50. Alternatively, obtain an IELTS (3 years valid) score of 6.0 and no less than 6.0 in all four competencies or equivalent.


  • Complete a recognised Accounting degree in Australia (Bachelors or Masters).
  • Hold or applied for a Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) with a minimum 12 months validity.
  • Get a valid minimum PTE-A overall score of 50 and no score less than 50, or an IELTS (3 years valid) score of 6.0 and no less than 6.0 in all four competencies, or equivalent.


  • Get a bachelor or master qualification in Engineering from a recognised Australian University. A relevant Australian qualification is not required for training visa holders (476).
  • The IELTS overall score can be 6.0 but no less than 5.0 in any component or PTE-A overall score of 50 with no band less than 36 or equivalent.
  • Hold or applied for a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) with a minimum validity period of 12 months.
  • Obtain a Migration Skills Assessment outcome letter from Engineers Australia.

Have you considered pursuing a PY course? Feel free to connect with us to know more.