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September 15, 2023

The Melbourne Connection that Attracts International Students to Study in Australia

No city compares to Melbourne when it comes to sporting events. From the Australian Open to the F1 Grand Prix and the AFL Grand Final, the city offers an unparalleled roster of world-class competitions. It’s the ultimate destination for witnessing the best in action.

However, there’s something more to Melbourne that goes beyond sports, world-class comedians, and punk bands. It’s the global standards of education that make international students want to pursue academics in Melbourne and study in Australia.

What does Melbourne offer, academically?

Melbourne ranks among the top destinations for international students seeking world-class education from renowned universities.

Beyond its academic excellence, Melbourne is celebrated for its cultural diversity and lively atmosphere, making it an exciting place to start anew. The city’s vibrancy adds a touch of adventure and ensures a worthwhile experience throughout your stay.

Setting aside the typical introduction to this remarkable city, Melbourne offers a multitude of unique prospects that await those planning to relocate. Let’s look at what makes Melbourne a much sought-after city for global education by international students worldwide.

The Melbourne Connection for International Students

As the country’s second-most populous city, Melbourne offers a host of advantages for those pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

Here are six compelling reasons why Melbourne is the perfect city in Australia for exceptional student life:

World-Class Education and Prestigious Universities

Melbourne has six globally recognised universities, making it a first choice among most international students. The universities in Melbourne provide exceptional education, and the city offers a safe and supportive environment for students, especially newcomers.

Top universities in Melbourne include:

  • The University of Melbourne: Australia’s second-oldest university, ranked 31st globally.
  • Monash University: With six campuses in Victoria and two international campuses, it is ranked 42nd worldwide.
  • Swinburne University of Technology: This university holds the 285th World University Ranking. The university houses more than six campuses and offers the opportunity to avail a scholarship. Swinburne is recognised globally for its research strengths in varied fields, including Computer Science, Information Technology, Design and Innovation, Astronomy and Physics, among other fields.
  • Victoria University: Victoria University is ranked #711-720 in the QS World University Rankings. The university rests its core strengths in the fields of engineering and technology, Computer Science and education, and Sport and Exercise Science.
  • RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology): RMIT University ranks #140 in the QS World University Rankings. This education institution offers work-integrated learning opportunities, and collaborative work projects with mentors to help students gain the skills that employers look for in an employee.
  • Deakin University: Ranked as #=233 QS World University, Deakin University has maintained the highest degree of overall student satisfaction among other Victorian universities for ten years.  

Most Livable City in Australia

Melbourne stands out as one of Australia’s safest cities, boasting a low crime rate and a welcoming atmosphere for international students. It is consistently recognized as the most livable city, providing a secure and inclusive environment where students are respected and embraced. The Public Transport Safety Initiative ensures safety for commuters, with Protective Service Officers stationed at specific train stations.

Convenient and Reliable Transportation

Efficient and stress-free commuting options are essential, particularly for newcomers. Melbourne offers seamless public transportation, including trams, trains, buses, and car-sharing services, making daily travel convenient and affordable. The city’s night network provides late-night buses, trains, and trams, ensuring safe transportation during nighttime hours. Additionally, the free tram zone from Queen Victoria Market to Docklands allows passengers to hop on and off without charge, further enhancing accessibility.

The abundance of Arts and Theatre

Melbourne’s cultural scene is thriving, providing not only exceptional education but also an immersive arts and theatre experience. The city celebrates multiculturalism through art galleries, museums, and musical theatre venues. 

Notable attractions include:

  • Heide Museum of Modern Art: Showcasing modern and contemporary Australian art.
  • State Library Victoria: Australia’s oldest library, featuring stunning architecture and a variety of reading rooms.
  • The LUME Melbourne: Australia’s first permanent digital art gallery, offering immersive visual and sensory encounters.
  • The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA): Playing a vital role in promoting contemporary art through exhibitions, performances, and events.

Abundant Job Opportunities

Melbourne is the tech capital of Australia, offering a multitude of job opportunities for students from diverse educational backgrounds. It houses top tech companies and has emerging sectors like creative industries, tourism, events, and insurance. The city nurtures a vibrant start-up culture, with over 2,700 start-ups, making it an attractive destination for aspiring entrepreneurs. In-demand jobs include software developers, teachers, solicitors, engineers, psychologists, accountants, and more.

Enriching Experiences Beyond Study and Work

Consistently ranked as Australia’s most livable city, Melbourne provides ample opportunities for exploration and leisure. 

Some highlights include:

  • Great Ocean Road: Embark on a scenic drive along this breathtaking stretch, offering rainforests, surf beaches, and encounters with kangaroos, koalas, and whales.
  • Street Art: Melbourne showcases captivating street art in designated areas, providing a platform for budding artists to display their talent.
  • Queen Victoria Market: A bustling food hub offering a wide array of street food, fresh produce, and unique finds.
  • Chinatown: Immerse yourself in a rich Asian experience, savoring exquisite cuisine and enjoying cultural attractions.
  • Must-Visit Places: Explore iconic landmarks such as Flinders Street Railway Station, National Gallery of Victoria, Royal Botanical Garden, Melbourne Zoo, Puffing Billy Railway, St Kilda Beach, Luna Park, and more.

Some other good tourist attractions in Melbourne include:

  • Royal Exhibition Building
  • Fitzroy Gardens
  • Hosier Lane
  • Federation Square
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground
  • Eureka Tower
  • Queen Victoria Market

When considering studying abroad, it’s crucial to prioritize factors beyond education quality. Melbourne not only offers world-class education but also ensures a welcoming and comfortable environment, allowing you to create unforgettable memories during your academic journey. Choose Australia as your study destination and make the most of your time in Melbourne!

How Expert Education is your academic partner in Melbourne

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  • Personal details: Provide your personal information, such as your name, contact information, and address.
  • Certified proof of English language proficiency: Submit documents or certificates demonstrating your proficiency in the English language.
  • Previous academic qualifications: Include information about your educational background, such as degrees, diplomas, or certificates earned.
  • Employment experience (if applicable): If you have relevant work experience, provide details about your previous employment.

Additionally, each institution may have specific requirements beyond the ones mentioned above. It is crucial to thoroughly review and comply with the particular requirements of each institution to ensure that you submit all the necessary documents.

Rest assured, we will guide you through the process, ensuring that you meet all the application requirements and submit all the required documents as per the guidelines of your chosen educational institution.

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  • Is Melbourne a good place for international students?

Melbourne is home to remarkable educational universities for pursuing your dreams and career path. Apart from education, Melbourne offers a well-rounded experience for international students in terms of social life and other exciting activities.

  • What are the living expenses in Melbourne for international students?

The cost of living for students in Melbourne typically falls within the range of AU$ 2,132 to AU$ 2,652 per month. The expenses for accommodation and food can fluctuate based on the type of housing and the chosen location of residence.

  • What is the range of Australian college fees for international students in Melbourne?

The college fees will depend from college to college. For instance, Monash University, Melbourne offers a fee of AUD 52,200 for a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, whereas it costs AUD 53,000 for a Master’s degree in the same specialised field. On the other hand, the nursing study programs cost the same for each level, that is, AUD 41,100 for a Bachelor’s degree, Advanced Nursing, and Nursing and Midwifery (Bachelor’s degree – honours).

  • Can I work while studying in Melbourne?

This depends on the visa you hold as an international student. If you hold a Student visa subclass 500, you have the opportunity to work while studying. This visa will enable you to work a maximum of 48 hours per fortnight.