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September 28, 2022

Is hospitality management a good career choice in Australia?

Earning a degree in hospitality management offers you the opportunity to work anywhere across the world. Furthermore, studying in Australia offers many advantages to international students who wish to pursue this career.

The question is – is hospitality management a good career choice in Australia? In this blog, we’re here to lay out a set of advantages that can help you identify whether or not you can take up a career in hospitality.  

Hospitality Management as a career choice for international students in Australia

Working in the hospitality industry provides you with the opportunity to develop several abilities. These abilities open doors to becoming more adaptable in terms of working hours, flexibly working around your family responsibilities, getting compensation, and enjoying incentive programs.

There’s more to this industry than meets the eye, wherein you get a chance to meet and welcome people from various parts of the world. Let’s look into some of the benefits of pursuing this career.

Dynamic opportunities in the tourism and travel industry

One of the quickest developing industries is travel and tourism, which encompasses numerous roles and responsibilities across hospitality services for Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and so on.

Adequate space to develop

The hospitality industry gives you the space to develop various aptitudes while working in the industry, like developing skills towards relational abilities, association, and organisation. The experience will provide you with sufficient chances to climb within your career and learn new aptitudes. 

A range of career options

The hospitality industry has a diverse structure with different verticals. It has an enormous number of occupational choices to browse. You can choose an occupation title that aligns with your interests and works with your ambitions. There are varied job opportunities to select, from a receptionist to a travel specialist, a pack handler and a hotel supervisor. 

Work benefits and travel opportunities

Studying hospitality management in Australia can put forth better job opportunities while also providing flexible working hours, concessional convenience at the place where you work (most likely at the hotel), transportation and other travel arrangements offered by your employer.

Additionally, there are several opportunities to serve as a chief in the aristocracy of hotels. Many hospitality corporate companies allow their employees to travel to another country for administration workshops, training programs and yearly meets. This means you get to travel for free as almost all expenses are paid for, while you enjoy seeing many parts of the world.

Learning in a challenging industry

Hospitality may have a lot to offer, but it also has much to teach. You will get to meet people from all walks of life. Serving and catering to their needs will present its own set of challenges where every day will have a diverse set of requirements. You will learn to stay on the ball when it comes to meeting the requirements of the guests in your company.

Numerous professional courses in the hospitality industry

The hospitality study program is not limited to one type of course. There are various professions, which means that you can study and specialise in various verticals. You can explore which profession works best for you based on the strength of your abilities. Some of the strong points you will need to develop and sustain your growth in this industry involve: great client service, optimism, organising skills, and critical thinking aptitudes. 

Work in a great environment

Due to the nature of the work, you get to work in an environment where every working individual is conditioned to keep a positive vibe and environment around them. As a result, the hospitality industry has its working professionals ensuring that they behave in a certain way of service with their clients. This behaviour is extended towards their fellow colleagues as well.

If you are planning to take up hospitality as a profession, we recommend that you seek the assistance of a career counsellor to help you figure out your best options. While you also work towards studying in Australia, you could find out the universities that offer course programs suited to your interests. 

Enrolling on a hospitality course is a long-term venture. This business is not only going to stay here for a long time but will also adapt based on customer behaviour, expectations, technology and automation, and diverse service requirements. The hospitality industry is a decent career decision, and as mentioned, there is a lot of room to build your skills and experience. It’s a dynamic field that you could probably never tire of, especially with the rapid changes happening in this industry.

Need to check your options to study hospitality in Australia? Reaching out to our Education Counsellors today.