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September 7, 2022

Why is it beneficial to study vocational courses in Australia?

If you’re an international student, planning to fulfil the requirements to study in Australia, acquiring a VET qualification is one way to go. You may also want to try pursuing a specific course before going for a lengthy degree. Either way, you can use your VET qualification as a means to enrol for higher education in an Australian university.

VET or Vocational Education and Training entails varied courses to select from, and those who complete it with a Certificate IV and above are eligible to continue further studies in the higher education sector. Based on the course and entry requirements, VET also offers prior learning credit to higher level qualifications. This means that completing a vocational course will permit you to take a few years off your degree. For instance, international students who have graduated with a diploma may receive up to two or three semesters of credit towards a related bachelor degree. The precise credit amount granted will depend on the institution, the degree and the VET qualification completed. 

In this blog, we’re going to discover the reasons why vocational courses are beneficial for students.

Why is it beneficial to study vocational courses?

Many students have been contemplating their future with and without the complementary benefits of vocational training. Many international students who have taken up vocational training have benefitted from its courses and the knowledge provided.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that VET provides you when you wish to study in Australia.

  • Provides knowledge specific to your field of interest

College education provides theoretical and broad knowledge that one can apply to a variety of professions within a certain field. It often includes courses on various subjects that are not directly related to a student’s major, which they may not use later in their career. However, through VET, students can learn the precise skills and knowledge required for a specific field.

  • Focuses on tangible skills

Students taking up vocational courses spend their time learning practical and tangible skills. This form of training, be it in digital media, automotive or community services, or any industry-specific training, helps students work on the skills needed at the workplace.

  • Makes you an asset on a global level

Vocational education provides students with a variety of different life experiences. If you are about to take up a vocational course, you will have the chance to work closely with classmates from different ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds. This will give you first-hand experience of working cross-culturally, give you a better understanding of communicating with people from diverse backgrounds, and the insight needed to thrive in jobs on a global level.

  • Growing in their path of interest skilfully

Students with vocational jobs enter their career paths as they have the opportunity to pursue their passion. By the time they get to school, they find that they can dedicate significant hours to practicing in their area of interest every week. This creates an excellent learning environment for students who are keen on pursuing their passion.

  • Vocational programs are flexible

Vocational courses are developed to support students who wish to study while balancing other obligations. To put it simple, you can find options like online learning to pursue during the evenings or night weekends. You can use your time while trying to develop new career expertise as you study for a major degree or work full-time.

  • Easily find a job

As you pursue higher studies on a student visa, studying a vocational course also helps you find a job easily. When you graduate from a vocational program, you receive the necessary work experience and precise training for their exact field. Furthermore, your prospective employer knows that you have gone through specialised learning and practice in the field. They find that you are prepared to start working in the new position right away with minimal investment in training time.

  • Finish school faster

You can finish many vocation-based programs faster than the training and education courses provided for other paths. With less time spent in school, you can quickly transition from spending money for learning and training opportunities to making money in your career faster. This process helps to build net benefits from a financial standpoint. 

  • Vocational sectors offer affordable learning opportunities

You may also find that vocational schools offer a more economical fee on a year to year basis. Tuition and other fees that go into learning in the field of interest does not run as high as compared to other types of schools. This affordability further contributes to the financial savings experienced by students. You pay less each year you are in school, which helps you decrease any debt that you had to take on to pay for school. In the process, you get to build your savings and establish financial security faster.

Career advantages with vocational training

The curriculum implemented at present in vocational education is optimised for the Australian job market. As a result, it helps VET graduates to find a job easily and quickly. At the same time, landing a job is just the beginning as students who take up vocational courses have the choices of pursuing higher studies and levels of certification. They can obtain a more specialised level of knowledge. This process further aids them and will be essential in seeking a promotion on the job. As an employee, they also tend to become experts in their field.

In searching for the right career path, as a student, you must be able to find a way to find your interest while building a skill base. Through VET courses you are given the chance to practice your craft hands-on, and transition into higher education smoothly with the efficiency to learn more and feel confident about the knowledge you’ve gained. Evidently, vocational education and training can be a smart career option that helps you attain a successful career path in the long run.

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